Based on recent audio hardware deals, Google could be working on new audio devices

According to the report released by an online news agency Protocol, Google has apparently bought up some audio hardware setups over the last few years. Google has been involved in supporting companies that manufacture a list of different audio gadgets, including noise canceling, 3D audio, Bluetooth devices, and many more. So far, Google has already emptied over tens of millions of dollars and with Protocol's report in sight, it can be expected that the tech giant is working to increase its range by offering a wide variety of products.

This is not the first time that Google has gotten involved with audio technology. The company has sold a number of products, including the Bluetooth headsets and the smart speaker named Nest Audio, which comes with the motto "all about sound". However, the company is still far behind other tech companies, such as the iPhone’s creator, Apple, who offer a wide range of devices. From smartphones to audio devices and other mobile accessories.

The hardware that Google purchased recently is expected to give it leverage by offering an audio headset with more features than its competitors.

Protocol also talked about new hiring for job positions done by Google. These positions show that Google might be aiming to construct traditional silicon for its upcoming devices. The same silicon is also seen in the headsets manufactured by Apple. Google is known for manufacturing its own hardware for particular features. The company is also famous for plotting their own chipset, which is used in processing images or enhancing security.

As discussed in the report, Google appears to be more centralized in getting copyright licenses than showing off its technology. These hardware deals began after the company was charged by Sonos for breaching the copyright agreement linked with their smart speaker device. As a result, Google took down a number of accessibility features when the court ruled in favor of Sonos. This is why the company could be working to get its own license so any lawsuit can be avoided in the near future.

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