Google Docs is providing its users better features to keep them protected from online threats

Google is soon releasing another series of updates to its online collaboration platform to facilitate and safeguard its users against cyberattacks such as malware or Trojan attacks etc.

This new enhancement allows Google Workspace to give more information about the individual who keeps on mentioning the user in the comments in a file.

To be more precise, when an individual would be tagged in the comment on Google Docs, slideshows, or the spreadsheet, because of the new update it is going to be easier to spot the notification whether the tag is legit or not.

In the past, only the name was mentioned in the alerts sent out to the user’s email box when they were mentioned anywhere in the comment. According to Google, this update would provide better security and details. Now the email address of the individual who mentioned the user will also be in the alerts sent out. This would help in cross-checking whether the person is an actual user or not.

Google broke the news through a blog post by stating that the tech giant is hopeful that this extra information will help make its users more comfortable since users will now know the information being sent to them is from a reliable source.

The update will soon be released and will be available to every Workspace user.

This enhancement is Alphabet Inc.’s most recent safeguarding technique to provide better security to its customers. Google also introduced the E2EE system of communication, just last year—Which helped in providing better protection.

The new upgrade also helped us see how Google is now providing the facility to the business community to have their very own free-of-charge key service which allows them to become in charge of their encryption key.

Google is also planning on a strategy to attract more audiences to its platform by introducing Workspace migrate that helps administrators to prepare and transfer their projects to the platform.

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