Survey reveals irreplaceable damage to the working mothers, as the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic

According to a recent survey conducted by ILO, almost 75% of working mothers are badly affected after the pandemic. Women whose children are less than 10 years, prefer quitting their work due to the circumstances they face just after the outbreak.

Women equally share home responsibilities with their partners. They are more vulnerable to being terminated by a job and likely to carry the burden of closed schools due to the pandemic. So for women who worked as teachers or coordinators in a school, the re-opening of educational institutes won’t assist them enough, rather pushing them to leave the position. The major issue is the impact on these working mothers’ mindset as they want to remain hooked in their toddlers’ look after, rendering them to sacrifice their earnings and work. Analysts predict the upcoming women’s generation would be adversely affected.

The survey comprises 40,000+ U.S. citizens, revealing almost 13 percent of fathers want to quit their jobs, while female parents stand at 18 percent out of the total 63% of world’s population to leave their workplace. So the results show quite a difference between fathers and mothers who want to quit their jobs for the sake of looking after their children below 10 years of age. Based on the statistics, I can say that the pandemic has tragically impacted our lifestyles and preferences. There should be some new and improved guidelines for the employees considering women as an important part of the workplace. The corporate and firm owners will need to practice more dedication during these hard times and maybe even renew their reforms, especially keeping the working mothers in mind. They should make work more accessible to the working mothers and also provide more salaries to increase the potential of the employees and also offer promotion and incentives to the laborers.

Lastly, there is only one solution to out-mark the aftermath of this pandemic, and that is the relief that must be provided by the private companies to the working class.

Source: Statista.

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