Chrome, Opera, Brave: Data Figures Reveal How Browsers Are Doing Across Mobile Platforms

AppFigures has recently posted download data on browsing platforms, helping us determine what the most popular browsers are for mobile devices.

This may not come as a shock, or even a mildly infuriating pinch, but the most popular browser across the board is Google Chrome. I hear no audible gasps in the distance, and therefore assume that no one was surprised. This first place position is also one that is being maintained by a rather large margin, with Chrome bearing 60 million users in 2021, as opposed to the second place holder, Opera, coming in just shy of 25 million. However, despite this massive growth, Google Chrome has lost a lot of steam. It's numbers in 2020 were at over 60 million downloads, nearing 70 million even. However, it's seen a very notable drop in numbers since 2021 rolled about. And while Chrome's lost business, the other browsers have picked their slack up.

Second place, as mentioned before, is held by Opera. It saw an impressive growth in terms of downloads across the 2020-2021 period, going from just short of 20 million users to where it stands today. That's approximately an increase of 5 million users in terms of downloads. The third place browser is Brave, which currently stands in at 20 million users, give or take. However, Brave also has another achievement to be proud of, since the browser has also displayed the most amount of growth amongst all other browsers on our list. It displayed a 2020-2021 growth of 10 million downloads, the most positive disparity amongst the crowd. Such high praise, sadly, cannot be extended to our last two entries.

Mozilla Firefox stands at a surprising number 4. What's worse is that it's also seen a decline in download numbers, going from well over 20 million downloads in 2020 to just under that number in 2021. A sad day for Firefox fans, which I'm sure is a niche of fans and supporters that are still as active as they were before. The final entry on our list, a browser that saw the most decline across the board short of Chrome, is Microsoft Edge. Edge seemingly cannot distance itself from the looming, misshapen shadow of its predecessor, Internet Explorer. Edge has seen a decline from just above 20 million downloads to just above 10 million.

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