Gaming apps on Apple and Google App Stores have reached a new record by crossing the 14 billion mark in users ratings

Apple’s App Store, Google’s Google Play or any other app marketplaces shows most of its results on the basis of the ratings it received from the app users. This is why an application with a good rating will always be at the top of the results. Maintaining this can even help new applications to get more responses.

The overall magnitude of ratings has always been a mysterious thing to deal with. According to Appfigures, global applications and the over-all rating of gaming applications have crossed fourteen billion mark. Appfigures (AF) came across this discovery while looking into different applications data.

After getting an idea of what was up, AF started to add ratings of all the applications, either gaming or non-gaming, available on these platforms. The summed up total showed that there are over fourteen billion ratings available on these stores.

Upon further investigation, AF's data shows that out of a total of fourteen billion, almost ten billion originated through applications and games available on Google’s Android Store, while the second largest portion came from Apple’s iOS Apps Store. Apple helped its store to gather over 4.3 billion ratings through its platform. Lastly, the remaining billion came from gaming applications that were no longer available on any store.

In the article published by Ariel, he explained that the mean rating for Google Play is almost 4.09, whereas on Apple’s App Store, the mean value falls to 1.8. The author assured his audience that both of these values were kept distinct. The reason behind the greatest average on Google could be a large number of new applications with no rating or review.

This whole new discovery was possible because of the tech giants, Google and Apple, coming forward and sharing such information with the platform. Ariel concluded that the rate of ratings on applications is going up significantly due to the audience as well as app developers' depending on what the rating has to offer.

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