The Study shows that Most of the Firm Owners are planning to Install AI and Robotics in the year 2035

Many firm owners believe that robotics will completely revolutionize industries and workplace management in the year 2035. Owners consider robots as a vital part of their business according to the SME owners report.

The development in robotic technology has leaps and bounds in the past two decades. A robot is one of the most beautiful creations of man. Robots are designed to reduce the workflow of a company and make the work done more quickly. However, there is a section of society that fears a dystopian future dominated by robots. Data from Smart Energy GB shows 4 out of 10 business owners will preferably be shifted towards Artificial Intelligence in the year 2035. The study also reveals that up to 41% of small businesses owners will entirely replace customer services and 43% strive to manufacture products with fully robotic automation.

With the advancement in Science and Technology, Robotics has evolved. Automation will bring about significant changes in our lives. The nature of the jobs will be remodeled and there will be jobs that will be handled by robots. Futurologist predicts that more than half of the industries in the UK will be completely reliant on AI and robotics. Humans will work along with robots. On the contrary, Robots don’t understand cultural norms and emotions. Since they are programmed to understand a specific language spoken in a certain way, they are unable to consider context nor do they understand irrational thoughts. All jobs that require emotional support cannot be handled by robots. Moreover, necessary human contact and emotional support are needed in some jobs considering the health care system, doctors, and staff have an emotional bond with the patients. This is entirely irreplaceable. Similarly, robots can’t perform hair cutting well nor they can be a makeup artist. The study also claims that, in the year 2035, eight in ten participants believe that working online will be usual. About 52% of men are supporting this idea of remote working. On the other hand, 38% of ladies don’t prefer working from home.

Another prospect is that business owners are keener towards producing eco-friendly products from renewable resources as they are more concerned about the expensive fuel prices needed for the heavy machinery and also to get rid of plastic waste which is at the same time hazardous for the environment as well as for the humans. So large firms are thinking about recycling more, almost 36 business owners plan to produce non-hazardous goods, and many of them (33%) are manufacturing hybrid electric vehicles to reduce the use of energy resources.

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