From Being In Testing Since 2015, Google Domains Has Finally Been Released

The ability to purchase a domain name without the need for hosting provider assistance has been available since Google started offering it in 2015. After today's announcement, Google Domains will no longer be considered a beta product and will instead be available to the general public as a stand-alone product.

Google claims that the tool has been used to administrate a domain name by millions of individuals worldwide up to this point. Domains have evolved in terms of capabilities and usefulness throughout time. People in 26 countries may now use the whole service, which is now accessible worldwide.

It goes without saying that Domains are linked to the rest of Google's services. Naturally, a user's domain may be utilized in conjunction with their email address. Create a website or online shop using Google Sites and connect it to your Google Maps and Search results to make it more visible to visitors. Google's DNS and security services, as well as other Google services, may be accessed. Aside from that, you may establish a website or shop using a Google-acquired domain name using services such as Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and Bluehost.

In celebration of Domains becoming an official product, Google is providing a discount to both new and current clients through April 15th, 2015. When purchasing or transferring a domain name, it is possible to save 20% by entering the code DOMAINS20 at the checkout.

Because Google Domains offers over 300 domain extensions, including ".app," ".xyz," and many more, users may easily find your company's website on the internet. In order to better advertise your firm, free company profiles and email tools are now accessible.

Setting up a personal website or an e-commerce site is regarded to be an easy process that does not need any prior coding knowledge. The creation of a premium website that is connected with another firm, such as Shopify or Squarespace, is another option to consider.

According to the supplier, a high-performance DNS should ensure that the site can be accessed by people from all over the world. Additional precautions like Google's 2-Step Verification and one-click DNSSEC, as well as protection against a DDoS attack, are provided.

Because 2015 feels like a lifetime ago, I wouldn't be shocked if people had completely forgotten about Google Domains by now. As of yet, there is no indication on whether or not it will be added to the long list of Google products that have been discontinued.

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