Facebook Campus is going away and groups will take its place

Facebook is one of the most used social media apps and it is used by many to stay connected and also get all the latest news. Many also use it as a source of keeping in touch with their school or college friends.

For this purpose, the tech giant and owner of Facebook, Meta, released Facebook Campus. Facebook campus is a completely college-orientated part of Facebook that is limited to only people who have verified college email Ids. On the campus students can hold virtual meetings, create study groups and keep up with their college announcements. This was made available for 204 US colleges.

Now Mark Zuckerberg has decided to take down the campus because they feel like campus is not as important and Facebook groups can potentially take its place. He also feels like this experiment was not going as well as they would have liked for it to have.

The feature was originally launched in September of 2020 but is going to be shut down after about one and a half years on March 10th of this year, as spotted by Matt Navarra. This news isn’t technically something to be worried about as there are lots of options for students to choose from in terms of communicating and keeping in touch with their classmates. These options can include Facebook groups or just Facebook in general. In accordance with the closure the students are now being suggested groups for them to join as an alternative to Campus.

This can also be justified as the app does not have a name for protecting privacy and respecting it. So the app will not be missed dearly by many people and there are alternatives like Google Classroom Meet etc.

But the interesting thing is that Facebook has shut down almost all of its experiments that were launched by NPE AKA the new product experimentation team. Now they have teamed up again with them and are working on new projects. These projects will aim towards bringing awareness or representation towards communities that are under-represented on the internet.

The team will lessen their focus from trends and move more towards communities that have been historically challenged and are on the brim of being forgotten.

These steps overall are good ones as the market will change in the upcoming years and the things like Campus will soon lose value and the representation will gain it and take its place.

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