Bad Actors Can Now Obtain Dangerous Cyber Attack Kits On The Dark Web For Less Than $50

Cyber attacks are known to cause destruction on vulnerable victims’ devices but the cost to conduct attacks like these is surprisingly low.

Recent insights revealed by the Atlas VPN team based on Sectrio's data showed how a leading number of cyber-attack kits such as DDoS, Phishing, and ransomware could actually be bought with ease on the dark web at a price tag of less than $50. Moreover, some were stated to cost as low as a bargain price of $5 and that’s equivalent to the cost of a Big Mac hamburger. Can you believe it?

Interestingly, these kits are a popular tool for so many ‘wannabe hackers’ as they require minimal technical knowledge to conduct cyber attacks. On the downside, however, some of the kits are actually manufactured to exploit the purchaser, themselves.

A recent report titled ‘The Global Threat Landscape of 2022’ was launched by Sectrio analysts who unveiled the costs for these dangerous assault packs.

Malicious software tools such as the RAT or Remote Access Trojan/Tool allow anyone to get full access as well as the remote control of anyone’s device system. And you’d be surprised to learn that it’s the most cost-effective cyber-attack kit, where prices on the dark web go as low as $5 and may extend to $45.

Similarly, buyers may find Phishing attack kits on the dark web at affordable prices too. On average, the leading avengers whaling phishing kit starts as low as $7. Packs like these are known to target a leading number of ‘high profile employees’ like CFOs and CEOs, who are tricked into sharing very sensitive details. Common examples include making transfers via fraudulent accounts as well.

Meanwhile, tools designed to crack passwords are available for as low as $10. This provides users with complete instructions, assistance, and a detailed demo, where users can discover device passwords with ease.

Keeping in line with the $10 price range, you’ll also find DDoS or distributed denial of service attack kits on the dark web. These packs enable bombarding of attacked networks which soon become inaccessible to all users due to excess incoming traffic.

Those in search of extremely dangerous malware suites that entail Trojans, worms, viruses, and other harmful programs have nothing to worry about as these packages are available for as low as $12 on the dark web. But if you’re in search of the 2021 malware pack edition, you may end up paying twice as much as these suites cost around $21.

Basic ransomware packages also don’t dig a deep hole in your pocket, with prices beginning at $15 but can exceed all the way up to $76. These kits are deemed to be the most popular ones from the lot on the dark web as their keyword searches entail most discussions.

This data is clear proof that cyber-attacks can now be conducted by anyone, anywhere, with ease. In particular, it targets those who are daring enough to enter the dark web and conduct a cyber attack of their own.

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