According to new a study; Small and medium-sized businesses are more prone towards phishing attacks

According to the new study; Spear-phishing, CEO fraud, and many other criminal activities carried out by hackers are now happening very often, with an increasing percentage of successful attacks.

Media outlets are covering stories about a known fact, the public and private sector both becoming a victim of these online predators. But it is not very common to hear about a small or medium-sized business becoming a victim of these attacks until we heard about Doctor Smith’s small practice becoming a victim of these attacks. Only three individuals were affected by the attack, and the story behind it is not very exciting at all.

However, the recent information provided in an article about top threats of cyber attacks by Barracuda gives an idea that Phishing or many other social engineering attacks on small or medium-sized businesses are increasing at an alarming rate. Hackers use strategies like CEO fraud, Pretexting, and many other tactics to reach out to the email box, even reaching out to the business’ competition as well.

If we look at the new data provided, we notice that an average attack attempted per email in an enterprise that has personnel more than two thousand is just five in a year, while in a business that has workers less than a hundred is almost triple, that is seventeen in a year.

According to the data, two of the major types of attack that were attempted on small or medium-sized businesses throughout the year were;

Almost half (Forty-nine percent) of the attacks were phishing attacks and forty percent of attacks were online scam attempts.

According to the report, the main reason behind the successful attacks on small/medium-sized businesses was that the businesses did not have strong defenses, and they did not provide their employees with security awareness training to tackle such attacks.

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