Australian Government takes new steps to combat misinformation on social media platforms

Misinformation is a dangerous practice that can be used to harm anyone both intentionally and by accident. It can be used to create discord between two parties with or without knowing by spreading false information which could lead to a crisis.

So, in order to combat this and prevent false information from spreading out the Australian government announced that they can force apps to reveal the information on how they take care of and work to curb the misinformation and disinformation to the Australian Media Regulator. In addition to this the ACMA also known as the Australian Communications and Media Authority will be able to place an Internet Industry code on the platforms which will not cooperate with them in terms of fighting false information on the internet.

These steps were taken to ensure that anyone on any platform does not get false information or remain uninformed about things that could portray any sort of danger whether physical or mental. They also enforce these policies because many people in the last two years remained the victims of false information about the Coronavirus that could have led them to contracting it themselves. They were taken after a result from an investigation done by the ACMA revealed that 76% of people think that brands themselves should do more to make sure that the amount of misinformation on the internet stays under control or gets under-control completely.

The misinformation was largely seen on famous apps like Facebook which has quite the reputation for fake news distribution and surprisingly Twitter as well. The false information generally starts with conspiracy groups that can be seen on every platform but especially on Facebook; these conspiracies then gain the interest of YouTubers who in turn gain the interest of the news channels that spread that small conspiracy to the whole world.

It was revealed that those ideas of misinformation and apps not caring enough to control them were largely dedicated towards Australia because four of the campaigns to combat Misinformation that were running in the country were removed in the small time period between 2019 till 2020. According to the ACMA those small groups then encouraged followers to join apps which had lesser policies for misinformation which in turn posed a bigger threat to the country and its residents.

Fake news is a heinous act that could prove harmful for both the person who spreads it and the person who believes it. So in order to keep yourselves and your family members safe, make sure to double-check any doubtful information from digital sources.

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