Apple is releasing yet another update 15.4 which includes features like the ability to unlock your iPhone without taking your face mask off

Apple Inc. just after releasing iOS 15.3, the multinational tech company is about to release yet another update 15.4. The new update will feature the ability to get your phone unlocked even with your face mask on. The new update will put an end to the use of the Apple Watch to unlock your phone without taking off your mask.

The company has been conducting tests in the public betas since the year started. The user will have to activate the feature manually from the settings in the Face ID section. However, the new Face ID feature will not unlock the phone if the user is wearing sunglasses.

Anti-stalking warnings for AirTag are also expected to be a part of the next update; this feature would show a warning to the users when they set off an AirTag. In the past, Apple Inc. has helped law enforcement departments on tracking the users who seemed to have abused the AirTag system.

Another feature that is going to be included is another audio option for Siri, the recent update will include a less gendered audio option recorded by the LGBTQ community. Apple stated that the new voice option will allow the users to choose the voice that would speak to them. This new update shows the diverseness of the virtual assistant.

Other than that, More emojis will be a part of the new update as well.

A new operating system for Mac (Monterey 12.3) and iPads is expected to be released in the coming week. A much-anticipated universal control feature will be a part of the new updates. This new feature will give users the ability to use different iPads and Mac devices at a time using the same keyboard and mouse.

The feature was announced to be released in June last year but was delayed.

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