The new iPhone leads 40% of Apple users to upgrade their phones

The SellCells’s Purchase Internet survey reached out to 2,500 Apple users and found that 40% of the iPhone users plan on buying the new iPhone SE 3. Amongst them, 24% of the population will purchase the new iPhone as their main cell phone, while 16% said that they’ll purchase it as a second phone or will gift it to someone.

When they were given an exchange offer, iPhone 11 users were the ones at the forefront, with handset accounting for 11.5% of models that the owners plan to give up on, when the new iPhone is going to be introduced.

The factors why people are crazily looking forward to purchasing this latest iPhone SE 3 includes its affordability (29.4%), it is better than an old phone (25.5%), it supports 5G (15.2%), its compact appearance (11.3%), and fingerprint sensor (6.7%).

Meanwhile, 66.2% of people who don’t plan on getting this latest iPhone told that they are contented with their current iPhone, 9.3% are counting days until iPhone 14 is introduced, 4.1% argue that it is more compact to their liking, while the remaining 3.0% thinks it’s not that much premium.

Not long before, there was an analyst who stated that with the 5G feature, the next phone might make over a million Android users switch to the new phone. As for this batch, Apple doesn’t need to introduce other features, as its 5G feature, the A15 Bionic processor, along with the iPhone being very affordable makes it hard for users not to upgrade their devices.

On that note, we can say that this could be the last compact iPhone the Apple Company is going introduce, as Apple is to stop making mini iPhones, beginning with iPhone 14.

Do you plan on getting yourself the new third-generation iPhone? If yes, why? Let us know in the comments on social media with our mention.
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