Apple is amping up its privacy plans and restricting apps from selling personal data of users to advertisers

As you may already know by now, Meta and some other advertisers have had a feud going on with Apple regarding their user privacy updates.

Tracking users’ personal space and information has been a major part of digital advertising. Although, many users don’t like their personal information to be leaked to unknown parties. As an answer to these complaints, Apple has decided to improve their advertising to be more considerate of an average user’s privacy. This led to the implementation of several features such as the IDFA (Identifiers for Advertisers) and Intelligent Tracking Prevention. The former prevented apps from accessing a user’s identity and the latter were used to prevent the Safari browser from cross-site traffic. But most recently, Apple added the App Tracking Transparency feature to prevent app developers from accessing and selling a user’s private data to advertisers without consent. As a consequence, the advertisers and Facebook, which benefit greatly from selling that data are affected pretty badly.

But that’s not all, Apple has decided to go even further with their privacy plans to prevent apps from selling users data to advertisers. The above-mentioned features were only available to users who had access or bought Apple’s iCloud storage service. Although, these steps have affected the bottom lines of major organizations even including Google and previously mentioned Meta who need revenue from advertisers. These organizations were steadily recovering from the previous installments in Apple’s privacy plans like the iPhone ad tracking restrictions and now they’ll have to deal with even bigger problems. Sarah Krouse, a technology reporter informed that the decisions Apple has made now weren’t on a whim, and they’ll continue to go down this road and deal with the consequences by themselves. Apple's main aim is to stop ad companies from having access to the users’ private data and internet surfing.

As of now, Apple’s decisions may lead to a big turning point in the industry for advertisers and apps alike. Huge organizations such as Google, Meta and Snap need access to a large number of user IPs to keep in check the searching habits of users and track their purchases. That said, all the information about the future prospects of Apple mentioned are mostly speculations done by valid information reporters. As of now, these plans make the most logical sense and direction going forward for Apple.

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