Is Meta Playing Fairly When It Comes To Curbing Cryptocurrency Scams?

Andrews Forrest, an Australian billionaire is reported to press criminal charges on Meta to prevent the scam advertisements.

John Andrew Henry Forrest, also known as Twiggy and best known as the former chief executive officer of the “Fortescue Metals Group” is an Australian businessman. And as per the “Financial Review 2021 Rich List" Mr. Forrest was ranked as the second most richest Australian, following Gina Rinehart (who is the Most richest Australian).

As per the news, Andrews Forrest has released both civil and criminal charges in the United States as well as in Australia against Meta. He claims that Meta is allowing the scammers to trick the users to take their cash and this scam has been happening at least since March, 2019. According to a statement given by the billionaire himself, he claimed that he has asked Facebook authorities to put an end to these scammers that are using his image to deceive innocent people.

Furthermore, Dr. Forrest claims that he has pressed these civil and criminal charges against Meta due to the reason that he is worried about those decent Australians that are being victimized through the clickbait advertisements present on the social media platforms. As per the news, in 2019 a woman had claimed to have lost more than $670,000 ( A$940,000; £495,000) just for the reason that the fake advertisement showed images of Dr Forrest.

In response to these allegations, Meta claimed that it does now no longer need advertisements that scam individuals out of cash or misinform the individuals on Facebook to be on its Facebook platform. Moreover, the authorities of Meta claims that meta is working in order to prevent these advertisements, meta is now working no longer simply to discover and reject the advertisements themselves however additionally block the advertisers from its services and, in a few cases, take court action to implement its policies.

But these scams are not only restricted to Andrews Forrest, as per the reports, In numerous cases, there have been even advertisements that covered the picture of Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, engaging customers to spend money on a new “Meta token. Rod Sims, the former chairman of “Australian Competition and Consumer Commission” (ACCC) is reported to say that Meta should have given more efforts to find and eliminate these misleading and false advertisements from Facebook.

H/T: Forbes.

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