Android is going to release these new nifty updates along with its 13th version

Android is easily the most used and arguably the best smartphone operating system. It is used throughout the world and is preferred by most over iOS. Also to keep a company running, especially in the technology sector updates are important. This brings us to our topic of today, the Android 13 update. The furnished update will be released in the coming months of this year and will have a few prominent features with it that will be our main topic of discussion.

The updates include notifications when apps are draining battery, push notifications and built in QR codes scanner.

Battery preservation is a very important thing if you want your phone to survive for a long time and not blow your battery up. That is why the notification system is installed in Android. The system was already there but now many improvements have been made to it such as that once a user removes a notification that a background app is draining too much battery, the second one will not come until at least 24 hours later.

The second update is that if a user wants to scan any QR codes whether it is to make a payment or avail free internet and don’t have a QR scanner app they can use this feature that comes built into the OS so no additional downloads are needed. This scanner can be placed on the Quick tiles tab by just swiping down twice, clicking on the edit or pencil icon and after reaching settings looking out for the OR scanner option clicking on it and viola` you have the QR option right there on the Quick tiles tab. Now in order to access the scanner you just need to swipe down twice and click on the QR option once it opens it will take you to the camera and you will be able to scan.

Moving on, the last but definitely not the least update is that apps need to have your consent to send you any notifications. Earlier this consent was considered given the moment you installed the app but now the app has to ask for permission so that you do not get any unwanted notifications that have absolutely no real value or are of any import. Another thing is that the app will not be able to receive any notifications from another app until and unless permission is given by the user to the app.

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