YouTube provides updated details on Short fund, new features to analyze your Short progress and more

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform on the internet. It is used globally every day for multiple purposes including education and entertainment. The app was launched in 2005 and has been gaining popularity ever since. YouTube has over a billion downloads and is the second most visited website second to only Google. It is also a platform that provides opportunities for many people to earn money and be able to sustain themselves.

Shorts on the other hand are a relatively new feature being released only last year. Shorts are small videos that span only a minute or two and usually have music in them. Shorts are very similar to TikTok that can be found on its namesake app TikTok. Both are short videos and generally are created with music while also allowing the author to analyze their reach, likes and comments.

The video sharing giant recently announced that the creators who have been uploading and sharing their shorts for the past month could now collect their January shorts bonuses. Short bonus is the money a creator earns when they upload a short and it reaches many people who then like the short and watch it and basically to show their support towards the creator in question.

YouTube also released a new feature in which it added two more cards that are available and help official content creators to analyze and track the progress of their shorts or songs.

The first card is Top Songs in Shorts. This analytic card shows the official content artist the ranking of the top songs by two means. First they will show how many shorts are published using that particular song and the second depends on the views that the short gets. With the first it depends on the popularity of that artist and their reach. The song itself is also a huge factor as if people like it or not, is it a catchy beat or a slow one. The fans also play a huge role in spreading the song and giving it love.

The second part of the first card has factors like the reach of the person that uploaded that short and how well do the viewers react to that short. Popularity is a key factor along with viewer support and subscribers who watch the video.

The second card is how many shorts are being made with that particular sound and again this depends on the overall reach of the artist and their fans.

The short fund helps people earn money and freelance to keep themselves afloat. This is a very good initiative as many creators in the past did not get what they deserved in spite of their hard work. The second thing will help artists understand their audience better.
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