YouTube rolls out live rings as an indication of live streaming

Just as other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook use live rings as an indication when somebody goes live, YouTube is also working on the same tool. Soon, as a channel starts live streaming, a red ring will appear on the user profile. To join the live show, a viewer would have to tap on the red ring.

YouTube follows the path of other social media apps and creates its own feature with the name Live Rings to enable users to join the live session easily. According to YouTube's Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, YouTube is solely considering the ease of viewers and launching such a feature for them so they won’t miss important live videos. The most preferred method to achieve this, specifically for mobile phones, is to show up a red ring with a LIVE sign so users get to join the streaming before it ends.

It will be considerably simpler to tell which channels are live whilst moving through them, and pressing the Live Ring avatar will play the current live stream. Mohan encourages all YouTube content creators to employ the Live rings and expectedly it is available to everybody who launches a live video on the channel.

The new functionality comes after YouTube's Android and iOS interfaces were redesigned in the beginning of February 2022, though it’s still being launched gradually. This new feature and its user interface makes all the essential options easily available and even users can hide the comments or open them on their own wish.

Live Rings is definitely aimed at notifying people faster, duplicating the same one-tap approach that gets users to live streaming.

Although the live ring feature has been launched in other platforms, YouTube is a bit late to roll out such a feature. The problem prior to the launch of the Live ring feature was that viewers didn’t get any kind of indication of live streaming of their favorite channels. Though, the channel authors have an option to save their live sessions and upload it as a normal YouTube video but most channels did not prefer to save it. So, this feature is indeed going to make it easier for viewers to catch the live sessions just as it started. As they scroll down the main page, they will see a red ring if a channel is conducting a live streaming and that channel is not in their subscription list.

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