Instagram is going to include its popular "Green Dot" online feature in the stories as well

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with around 2 billion monthly active users.

It's clear why so many of us use it for scrolling and product recommendations, with new ad types, Instagram Shop updates, user-experience tweaks, and so much more!

Generation Z has grown up in the midst of the social media era, and Instagram has mostly been a part of their lives. They are among the most active users on social networks with creatoes, influencers and stars at the center of their universe.

The tech giant always rolled up new features for its global users. You will never become bored with this social media behemoth, from simple changes like rearranging some buttons to major ones like adding new features. Instagram is unfolding new and improving features each day.

This week, Alessandro Paluzzi revealed that the tech giant is working on a feature where if a contact is online, a green dot with their user ids would appear in their stories for their viewers too. This green dot was first added to the app by the tech giant in 2018. Previously, this Green dot feature was available for those who followed each other on Instagram.

Similarly, this Green Dot is quite well known among Facebook users too. When a Facebook user logged in, their profile photo displayed a green dot as well.

The tech firm is always introducing new and unique features and this time too, the feature it has introduced is pretty thought through and great. We cannot wait to see what else the tech giant will introduce in the future.

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