YouTube Provides Content Creators with Better Viewer and Revenue Analysis Based on Statistical Data

YouTube has provided content creators with new and improved data analysis features. According to Creator Insider, the features provide a detailed overview of the views and revenue system on the channels and videos.

YouTube also helps the creators by giving them new and popular ideas to choose from by using the trending stats analysis. This will create engaging content for both the viewers and advertisers which will be beneficial to all involved. You will have greater insight into the mind of your audience by getting as much analytic data as possible.

One of the things YouTube focused on was the new and returning viewers on your channel to see which kind of relevancy you’re receiving. Another feature was to compare your audience to similar channels’ audience and see if they view the same type of content. Similarly, you could see an audience attention graph across an individual video seeing where it sparked an interest in the viewers and where it got them bored. They also helped improving focus by checking which videos attracted the most attention and viewers to your channel.
Shorts and live streams along with regular videos are the formats YouTube provides for content. You can analyze the data of views you’re getting from the different video formats on your channel.

Analytical features also include the recent YouTube Shorts feature. You could compare which of your shorts did better and attracted what kind of audience to your page.

They added more analytics regarding the monetization by giving more insight into memberships. You can see the kind of members you have on the channel and what tier they’re subscribed to.

You can also see what kind of advertisers you have and where your revenue is coming from more specifically. Revenue is based on the type of content you create so you’ll have more data to figure out which type of content you should create for more revenue. You can compare your revenue generated from live streams, regular videos and shorts.

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