Study shows that for the 7th time in a row, Apple has proved to be the most relevant brand for consumers

After almost 2 years of pandemic, Apple has scored as the best consumer brand surpassing its traditional competitors by a landslide.

In a survey conducted by Prophet, it was revealed that most of the US consumers from a total of 13500 much prefer the Apple brand over the other 293 brands included in the survey. It’s interesting how the survey was not based on sales but user engagement and connection with the company. Prophet is the organization mainly known for conducting annual studies and surveys about various topics. Their information is mostly credible as observed from their reputation. They have praised Apple for not just it’s products, but it’s great service for the consumers of those products.

The official results for the survey under the name Prophet Brand Relevance Index are as under:

1. Apple

2. Peloton

3. Spotify

4. Bose

5. Android

6. Instant Pot

7. PlayStation

8. Fitbit

9. TED

10. USAA

Considering the list includes 273 brands, the only mainstream rival that Apple really has are Spotify and Peloton. Both of these are undergoing a bit of a hard time. Spotify with its controversy surrounding outrageous podcasts and Peloton under crisis with the recent pandemic. Prophet has provided their optimistic opinions about these companies’ future on their study.

This study shows that Apple really provides good consumer support for them to top the most relevant list for the 7th time in a row. It’s curious to know, that Apple’s usual rival competitors such as Google or Microsoft, couldn’t even be found on the top 10 list. Apple is credited with better consumer engagement and connection than its rival products by the conductor of the survey, Prophet. This is why Apple has such a huge following of loyal fans and consumers allowing it to top the charts on their survey.

Apple’s popularity with the consumers hasn’t gone down one bit even after Tim Cook took over after Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs did a great job when selecting and grooming Mr. Cook for the best interest of the company. If Apple continues to provide great products and engaging events surrounding the community, then without a doubt they’ll surely be the best in the next one as well. As for 2022 Apple has dominated every single brand in this regard and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.
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