How to Come Up With Your Next YouTube Video Idea

YouTube has become a central platform for anyone and everyone that wants to make it so that they can start a career that involves them creating content on a more or less regular basis. However, one thing that many creators have started to realize is that you need to be very consistent with your upload schedule, and failing to maintain this level of consistency can result in you losing the audience that you would have ideally wanted to end up relying on to on extent or another.

The problem with uploading consistently is that it can be hard to come up with good ideas. After all, you can’t just think of a random idea and hope that it would give your audience a reason to stick around with you. Quite on the contrary, your ideas need to be consistent with your brand and image, topical enough to pique someone or the other’s interests, have a wide enough appeal that would result in an adequate number of views as well as conform to YouTube’s community guidelines lest your video get demonetized or removed.
Hence, you actually have a relatively narrow range of ideas to choose from, but this can actually be a good thing since decision fatigue can often get in the way of you optimizing your overall success rate when it comes to discovering new ideas. YouTube has released a video that can simplify the process further by giving you some tips that can come in handy while you are searching for ideas that you can turn into your next piece of content.

The first tip that they give you involves ascertaining the demand for a certain piece of video based content. You can use YouTube analytics to help you out because this paints a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t. Conducting an audience poll can also be really helpful because your audience will be more directly involved in the content that you end up creating. Looking into Google Trends can also prove fruitful because it can broaden your horizons and start getting in on content that other creators will also be diving into.

YouTube analytics also plays a huge role in the second tip that YouTube has offered. This tip essentially involves understanding your audience, because chances are that they expect a very specific kind of content for you and adhering to their expectations can enable you to fulfill the ideas that they have formed in their head about why they are subscribed to you in the first place. You should also try to understand the demographics that you appeal to the most so that you can base your content strategy on that.
Finally, according to YouTube, understanding your competition is also likely something that can benefit you in a lot more ways than you’d currently realize. No matter what type of content you create or what niche you are trying to get into, chances are that someone else already operates in that niche. Hence, trying to make content that is better than theirs is really important for you. These tips can help you come up with ideas in a much easier manner which can take some of the stress out of your job.

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