YouTube has rolled out multiple updates on its platform, including accessibly of shorts on creators channel pages

The Google-owned video platform YouTube has been busy introducing major and minor updates to the platform. From letting users own specific video content to adding meta data under a video, the platform has shown itself to be working on different projects at different levels.

According to an informal YouTube channel, namely Creator Insider, YouTube has rolled out almost 5 different new features on the platform. The first new update, as described in the video posted by Creator Insider, is that YouTube has introduced a Short Shelf on creators channel pages for desktop users. Shorts made its first appearance back in 2020, since then, YouTube has continued to make changes to this project in order to make it more compatible with other short video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Short Shelf, a recent addition to its platform, is a way to promote Short video content as well.

Moving on to the next change, the CI video added that the platform has decided to provide more descriptions for the posted videos so users can know which video is closely related to the searched content. Currently, this additional meta data option is available for educational English-language videos only. The video creators will have additional options to describe what the content is about. These new options will include the type under which the video resides and the educational level it provides. YouTube is planning to share the meta data in the search results as well. This will help the viewers narrow down which video to watch without going through multiple pieces of content.

Next minor change brought in by YouTube is the editing of a channel through a mobile phone application for both Android and iOS users. Another change related to channel editing through the phone is that now creators can choose a thumbnail for their video content through the mobile phone application. Selecting a thumbnail was initially available on studio mobile only, but it seems like YouTube has decided to increase the range. This launch will start with iOS devices and will later make its way to Android devices as well.

The last update that was shared through the posted video talked about the gender specified by the users themselves. Till now, the analytic data of YouTube had divided users into male and female, but now only the user's specified gender will be displayed. If a user decides not to choose any gender, then they won’t be put under any of the available options.

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