Google is walking with Apple, on the way of restricting apps in tracking policy

Google is following Apple’s steps in the app tracking system. Many of us are aware of the legal battle between Apple and Meta over the issue of users data tracking system. Let’s give you a brief summary of the reason of this case. Last year Apple had announced that they are giving their users an opportunity to opt out to those apps who are tracking their data usage for advertisement purposes. Although Apple stated that this feature is a basic user right to opt out of apps with which they don’t want to share their data. However, the changes in Apple privacy policy towards its user tracking system are giving a tough time to Meta, as it claims a big loss in annual revenues.

However, Apple is now not alone on this journey, as Google is also taking the steps to provide the same privacy features. On Wednesday the search engine giant announced that they are blocking the apps tracking and introducing privacy focused restrictions on Android to protect their mobile users.

According to Google correspondent, these solutions, in particular, will limit the sharing of user data with third parties and will not be able to use cross-app identifiers, such as advertising ID. "We're also looking into technologies that decrease the risk for snooping," Google said. This includes prohibiting advertisers from fingerprinting users using other types of data.

Additionally, the tech giant has clearly given signals for the future. The company is planning to eliminate cross-app tracking as well. Android makes cross-app tracking simple by assigning an advertising ID to each device, which software developers may use to figure out which apps you've been using.

Users can opt out of the ad system or manually reset an advertising ID to stop tracking by going into the Android OS settings. Third-party apps, on the other hand, can collect various types of information, such as a phone's serial number or IP address, in order to fingerprint a user and track them around the internet.

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