You can create your own virtual world in Meta's Metaverse. How Cool!

Meta is included among the most advanced and is the biggest tech company that is working towards a fully virtual universe called the Metaverse.

Meta recently released a project called the Horizon Project. This project will allow users to not only interact in completely virtual worlds but will offer them the opportunity to create their own fully digital world which will be 3D and have as much as or as little detail that the user would like to have. This was called the core of the Metaverse by none other than the owner of the huge tech giant Mark Zuckerberg.

But these tasks are not as simple because creating a personalized virtual universe is no easy task as you need to have a very vast knowledge of digital 3D modeling and design which is very important. Also because there are no easy ways to build a fully virtual world that users can interact with. It is also a very complicated task as Meta has to find a way for users to create their own personal virtual world where they can invite people to join them. They are basically building a feature you can say that will require no knowledge about VR. That is what makes it interesting. The basic idea is that the user will just say what they want to be included in their world and it will appear there. Pretty amazing right, but it’s still a good few years away.

Like every great thing this also has limitations. Those limitations are that specific placement will be restricted by the capability of Meta's voice to object feature and will also be limited by the existing 3D objects that Meta has already placed in its virtual world. But Meta is already searching for a solution to these problems.

As for the speech recognition problem that will be solved by the CAIRaoke project. This project will eventually become the thing that gives space for the understanding and translation of context which will then help in creating a more inclusive and diverse platform for everyone.

The available objects we talked about earlier was that Meta has worked on improved 3D scanning tools that will help customers by providing a virtual display using which the customers can decide if they want the product or not. This is mainly used for E-commerce or electronic Commerce which means digital buying and selling.

This will become something that everyone will be using in a few years and its true potential will be realized after it is released.

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