Screen Time Might Not Reduce Sleep Quality According to This Research

The concept that using a screen right before going to bed would ruin your overall sleep quality and make you wake up feeling tired has been mentioned quite a bit in various places. Some people suggest that if your eyes see blue light your brain might think that it is still daytime and you would therefore face a lot of trouble falling asleep. There has been research that shows that using your phone before bedtime can have a negative impact on your sleep too.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that this research often treated all phone usage equally. That meant that they did not discriminate between the various uses that people might have for their phone and they might have erroneously suggested that it’s the screen that causes sleep disturbances when in fact it might be the kind of app that people are using that can ruin their sleep quality and make them wake up feeling really tired.

New research that was conducted by the Journal of Sleep which involved 58 people using an EEG machine while using their phone has revealed that sleep quality impact depends on what people are using their phone for at that precise moment. It turns out that media and social media use before sleeping actually does not have all that much of an impact on how well people end up sleeping, at least when it came to this trial. In fact, watching some kind of media an hour before bed actually improved sleep quality among the trial participants.

It is essential to keep in mind that this is just one study, and that there will be a good long while before anything definitive can end up being said on the matter at hand. However, one should also remember that screen time before bed might not be the sleep ruining act that so many people believe it to be. Trying to figure out what works for us as individuals is much more important than trying to change our lifestyle based on studies that are still ongoing.

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