Here Are the Latest Updates Coming to WhatsApp on iOS and Android

There are a couple of updates that WhatsApp is making to its Android and iOS apps that users would want to know about because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up improving their overall experience on the app for the most part. The change that is coming to iOS is actually a reversal of a previous change that WhatsApp implemented which ended up being rather unpopular among most users out there.

In a previous update to its iOS app, WhatsApp removed the scrollable media bar that users previously saw when they opened their smartphone camera in the app. After several users criticized this change for making it more difficult to send media to people that they were talking to, WhatsApp has decided to bring the media bar back which is something that would likely go over really well among the users that did not like the initial change that was made for various pertinent reasons.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that WhatsApp for Android is also beta testing a new feature, as per WAbetainfo. This feature will give users a lot more control over who can see their status updates and the like. WhatsApp status updates already had features that allowed users to control the people that these updates would be visible to, but the latest update is going to expand these controls and allow users to create a list of contacts who they want their statuses to remain invisible for.

Also included in this update is a new caption bar that makes your status’s audience much more visible. This caption bar can enable users to edit their privacy settings for their WhatsApp statuses by tapping on the shortcut which will greatly simplify the process in general. Both of these changes are appearing to be rather popular, and it’s great to know that WhatsApp is willing to take user feedback into account since this is not something that a lot of other tech companies seem all that willing to do right now.

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