WhatsApp is back with yet another amazing update to help users save their time

Social media, an offspring of modern technology has completely revamped the structure of the media sector. We keep on witnessing new innovations that are being introduced on different platforms, the public may be diverse and don’t mind switching to a much easier platform. Social media networks must keep on introducing new methods to attract the audience.

Whatsapp is always on its toes when it comes to introducing innovations like its sibling Instagram and Facebook. With almost 2 billion active users, according to the survey done in July 2021, it is one of the largest messaging platform used worldwide used.

Whatsapp is back with yet another update through the TestFlightBeta program. WhatsApp using the program invites its users to become their testers, which helps generate valuable feedbacks and insight to the messenger.

Upgrading the version up to 22.3.75. WhatsApp tests new redesigned caption view which it may roll out in the near future.

You can see in the screenshot attached that, when you’re about to send your content in a WhatsApp chat, you can now choose different recipients or upload it on your WhatsApp status. Right now, it is possible to do this from the camera tab but thanks to the new update, you will be able to select different recipient right from within the WhatsApp chat.

This may be a really good move, considering the amount of time it will save. Users would no longer have to go through the hassle of uploading the content on their status and then later sending it to different chats, as they would simply now have the option right below. Thankfully as per WABI, Whatsapp is testing this option for both iOS and Android users.

As technology is crossing boundaries and widening the horizons every new day and if one has to keep up with this pace, constant updates are the way to go or else they could end up how Nokia or Blackberry did.

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