This New WhatsApp Feature Lets You Request Account Info on Desktop

Being able to use WhatsApp on one’s desktop is one of the more useful updates that the instant messaging platform has made available for its users, and it has vastly improved the app’s functionality from a really diverse range of perspectives. WhatsApp has continually worked to try and improve the performance of the desktop version of its app, with one of the latest updates being the addition of two factor authentication which can give the average user a higher level of security.

Another feature that has been spotted in the WhatsApp Beta for desktop is a request account info feature. Most people in the world right now are rather concerned with the information that various tech companies would have on them, with targeted tracking being truly widespread and the power of social media platforms growing each and every year. Since WhatsApp is owned by the same parent company as Facebook, Meta, quite a few users are obviously concerned that Facebook’s rather lax attitude about privacy and user rights would leach into this messaging platform as well.

This new feature might be an attempt to address that issue. If you were to request your account information, you would basically receive a document that would outline the various information that WhatsApp currently has on you. This includes things like information about your activity, your privacy settings, the devices that you use WhatsApp on as well as a wide range of other things. However, don’t think that the people at WhatsApp are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.
Quite on the contrary, the main reason for why they might be working on a feature like this is that the EU has implemented data regulation laws that WhatsApp now has to follow. This feature is already available in the app versions of the platform, and it will now be made available on the desktop version once the beta testing phase is over. Suffice it to say that this will do a lot to put people’s mind at ease because they’d be able to see more clearly the level of privacy that WhatsApp is currently giving them.


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