Twitter’s timeline DM feature is badly disappointing pro users

Recently, Twitter came up with the idea of sending a direct message right from a tweet and timeline. Previously, the app used to work in a different way where a user has to open up a profile to send a message or tweet.

At first, Twitter started experimenting with this new approach to send DMs on iOS, which entails allowing users to drop a direct message via a link in the tweets, instead of finding a message option on the user’s profile. According to Twitter, the feature brings a lot of ease and simplicity but one can never ignore the consequences it’ll be going to leave. As per reports, the feature can go wrong in many horrible ways.

Eliza Orlins, a public speaker highlights how this new idea renders users embarrassed rather than providing a benefit. So, there is no more need of navigating to the profile to access one's inbox. Now, users don’t really have to leave the timeline to express their thoughts over a tweet. With this update, it has become easier to respond to tweets.

However, many people are still clueless about the benefits of this update. It’s not clear how this update helps a set of people, as the friends or followers prefer a shortcut to drop a message. The majority of the people like to continue the conversation they were having in the inbox as with every tweet the previous conversation tends to disappear. So, it all depends on the user-to-user interaction and how they would like the update.

As per critics, providing someone an accessibility to glide into personal conversations could generate plenty of issues. In 2019, Twitter released a feature after recognizing the problem of inappropriate messages which delete such direct messages. Later in 2020, Twitter came up with another update of the pop-up button likewise Facebook Messenger. And now the purpose of this latest update is not really letting users send a direct message in the reaction of a Tweet; rather, upon tapping the DM option, either a list of conversations will drop down or you have to enter the name of the user you want to send a message.

There is no guarantee if the feature comes up with the off option considering security problems. Twitter representative Charlotte Catania says in a statement to The Verge that they are looking out for other ways to provide more helpful approaches for the users to access direct messages. However, this feature does not have to do anything with the existing settings of the Twitter profile. Hopefully, users would get the right to control their DM option in the setting.

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