Apple is now everyone's office dream, and here’s why

While, Windows OS is still on the top in terms of consumer and business market, but according to the recent surveys Mac sales are skyrocketing. According to the IDC, there has been a six percent growth in the sale of Mac-OS products. Moreover, iPhones make up to half of the smartphones and iPads being the same in tablets.

On the other hand, according to a survey by Kandji, generation Z seems to be in love with Steve Jobs’ Apple products. As per the survey conducted; surprisingly 29% of employees in the United Kingdom would happily accept jobs if they’re offered Apple products. Almost half of the UK's business community is in favor of apple products, especially during COVID when a staggering amount of the community was working remotely.

According to the public, they choose Apple products over others because of the following reasons; Forty-eight percent say that they are more familiar with the product’s UI, forty-three claim Apple products are far more reliable than other products and thirty five percent claim that Apple products are better in security than other products.

According to Kandji’s CEO Adam Petite, “Work from anywhere is the new reality for employers”.

Unfortunately, only 19 percent of the work community possesses Apple products at their workplaces.

Apple’s hard to get MacBook Pro with its new M1 chip and only 64 GB is currently out in the market for approximately around $200 and even though with this exorbitant market price, the product is out of stock in many stores.

A while back, thoughts about having Apple products for office uses would be a joke, since they offered nothing. But Apple has completely changed the situation in 2020.
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