Twitter’s New Report Reveals What Consumers Want Brands to Tweet About

Twitter can be a great place for brands to interact with their loyal customers, but it should be noted that the wrong tweet can often result in a lot more harm than good. There is a lot of debate surrounding what brands should actually end up talking about when they are tweeting at these customers, and much of this debate tries to narrow down the topics that would make brands start to seem more relatable to their customers in general.

What’s more is that the level of engagement that brands can hope to end up acquiring has really started to go up in recent years. For example, brands saw a 44% increase in replies between the years of 2019 and 2020, and chances are that this will make Twitter an even more important aspect of the process by which a brand would attempt to communicate with the people that might find its products to be satisfactory.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Twitter has just released a report that talks about the things that its users seem to want brands to be mentioning in their tweets and the like. One major change that can be seen is that around half of users think that brands that try to be overly humorous are distinctly outdated which is markedly different from a few years ago when quips in tweets could help a brand vastly improve its overall brand awareness.

Brands often try to make themselves seem more relatable by referencing memes as well as TV shows that are prominent at that point, but it turns out that users view this less positively than if the brand were to talk about current affairs and widespread cultural events or holidays. 37% of Twitter users think that brands should talk about cultural holidays and relevant sociocultural issues, whereas only 25% said the same for TV shows. This indicates that social responsibility is really important for most consumers and they would ideally want to buy from brands that are helping make the world a better place.
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