Here's what consumers expect from their brand experiences today

One of the most essential things that any kind of company needs to do is make it absolutely certain that its customers will almost always end up getting the best experience that is currently available to them. That is something that most brands tend to take very seriously indeed, and a new study has revealed just how important it can be for the future success of a brand since it shows that customers are quick to abandon a brand after a couple of bad experiences.

Emplifi conducted a study of both UK and US customers, and 86% of the people that were a part of the survey said that just two or three bad experiences would make them stop buying from a certain brand. What’s even more concerning is that about 15% of consumers in the US and 20% in the UK will stop buying from a brand after just a single bad experience which just goes to show how unwilling the average consumer is when it comes to tolerating experiences that are not in line with their overall expectations.

Product quality and customer service are two of the most important considerations that would make a consumer switch away from a particular brand, with 64% citing the former and 63% citing the latter as well. In comparison, only 35% of consumers said that a lack of social responsibility would make them switch away from the brand which is ironic considering so many brands are trying to focus on making themselves seem socially aware in an attempt to make their customers as happy as possible with all things having been considered and taken into account.

It’s clear that ensuring a top notch customer experience is worth it for brands, and it turns out that 61% of UK consumers and 65% of US consumers would be willing to pay over 5% more if that ensured they would get a top notch customer experience. Brands might want to consider taking this into account because price increases are not nearly as disliked as they might assume based on this research and ensuring good customer experiences tends to outweigh that for the most part.
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