A partnership between Zoom and DocuSign aims to speed up the signing of documents through online video calls

Ever since COVID-19 made its global appearance, things have changed dramatically. With everything shifting online, the Zoom application became the center of attention as it gained recognition overnight for being a platform through which online education and business meetings could be conducted.

Though things are now getting better with vaccines being available, many restrictions are still imposed. By adapting to these changes, Zoom decided to take business meetings to the next level.

The platform has formed a partnership with DocuSign. DocuSign is basically an online signature application that works with Zoom meetings. This new partnership will enable users to finalize their deals by authenticating the documents during an ongoing Zoom session.

As mentioned above, the implied restrictions are creating a barrier to getting things done. Especially with businesses that are being run from different countries, as some countries have paused flight operations for the time being. This has made face-to-face meetings impossible. To make things easier, the agreement between DocuSign and Zoom comes into play.

This new partnership was announced by Zoom on its social media channels. The main idea behind this is to help companies and other businesses get done with the pending deals so progress can be made swiftly.

Another idea behind this is that with the help of this platform, the whole procedure can be paced up, as it will minimize the time needed to find the required details as well. The old way of finalizing deals through emails used to consume a lot of time, but the new online video call experience can increase efficiency.

Signing of documents can be done after the meeting has started. The DocuSign application has been programmed to verify the user through the picture provided as a photo ID. Once the verification has been completed, the host will be able to share the documents with the signees, and after the meeting has been finished, the signed document will be sent to all the participants.

The host is required to have a personal account with DocuSign and Zoom. Only then will they be able to use the services. According to Ross Mayfield, the product lead for Zoom, employees prefer tools that can make things more accessible to them while handling clients or dealing with colleagues. Ross further added that they are looking forward to the new partnership as it is expected to make things easier in reviewing agreements and accelerate the whole procedure.

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