Twitter is adding new features including search in settings and Top Articles time frame

Twitter is a common name for people who are avid users of social networking sites, particularly those who are interested in micro-blogging. Twitter is a global platform that allows users to post and receive "tweets," or short messages.

To reach the benchmark set by many tech giants in terms of providing new features and upgrades, the micro-blogging app is putting forth some effort for its users.

The platform has recently published two new app upgrades. One thing these two upgrades have in common is that both enhancements are designed to make it easier for app users to find certain items within the app. They are, however, checking for top stories on Twitter or search options within the setting area of the app.

Utilizing the new search-setting feature, you'll be able to find most of the things you'll need faster – Twitter's search terms are likely to be updated over time to produce better matches for indirect queries. You might also call it a keyword search.

Screenshot: Abhishek Yadav

For example, if you're looking for information who can mention you in photo. Simply type "tag" into the search box. The "audience & tagging" menu will appear on the app screen to help you change the photo tagging settings.

It's a conventional but possibly effective upgrade, and if it makes it easier for individuals to make the necessary modifications, it's a worthwhile addition.

Following the easier search feature, the top ten articles are on the way. According to Jane Manchun Wong, the articles feature is under development and it appears the management wants to have it live as soon as possible.

Wong, discovered that Twitter will put in the Top Ten Articles within the time frame limit. With this update the user will be able to see the top ten articles from last hour to 24 hours. Wong used her Twitter account to publish a screenshot of the change.

The company has not yet announced any set date of when this update will live; however, the fans are anxiously waiting for this.

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