Reddit is keeping a close eye on all its user’s content and actively removes those which violates its platform policies

Reddit is one of the most used platforms in the world. The site is used by millions of people around the world, who create and post content for others to see. However, the content posted on Reddit doesn’t go unmonitored.

In fact, the Reddit Company released that it keeps a high check on all its content and removes and regulated many of the posts. In the past years or so, Reddit has monitored a large sum of content on its platform, banned and restricted many users and all this too for good reasons. Take a look below.

The transparency report reveals that in 2021, Reddit users posted about 5.8 billion posts throughout the years. However, Reddit being one of the highly used networks keeps a close eye on all the posts.

Over the past year, 175.8k posts were removed by moderators, 108.6K by admins and 12.6K by the users themselves.

According to Reddit when it receives an authentic notice from the DMCA, they have to take the content down immediately as per the company policy. If the same account keeps on posting infringement content over and over again, the company then takes bolder steps and takes down the account and other SubReddit communities.

However, Reddit is fast to remove content which violates its policies and are reported by the DMCA. Not all of the content gets taken down. According to the company in terms of copyright issues it looks into the content and views which content is actually harming its policies. Those which are not potentially harming the platform policies and are not copyrighted are left as it is.

For example, last year a video game publisher reported a content claiming that it had bits and pieces of information about a game mechanics which was not yet released. However, when Reddit looked into the posts, there was nothing which was legally wrong. The post only contained an image of a description which highlighted the game mechanics. Hence, the content wasn’t removed considering it did not impact on any of the copyright laws.

This shows how carefully Reddit is administering its platform and keeping a close eye on all. Being a large platform with millions of users, it is good to see how well Reddit is working towards maintaining security and peace on its platform.

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