UK decides on a new bill and takes action against trolling on the internet

The internet is a vast space full of many good as well as bad things. It is mostly a positive place but it can turn into a negative one because of internet trolls whose main purpose is to spread havoc on the internet and make people feel bad about them.

The United Kingdom authorities are now taking actions against these trolls with a bill called the Online Safety Bill. This bill is launched as a plan to regulate the content on the internet. There was an addition made to it which will be the thing that will protect the web users from those internet Trolls.

The main aims of this bill is to protect children from harmful things like underage watching adult content, pro-suicidal videos while also erasing fully illegal and dangerous things from the internet.

But the bill also has critics who are of the opinion that this bill and this new step will destroy free speech on the internet and will separate Britain from the rest of the world. In addition to this the bill will also increase the costs and risks of handling businesses on the internet.

This bill will also give users the liberty of blocking anonymous users who they do not want on their social media account. This could be a good thing as parents could avoid cyber bullying using this by blocking the trolls on their child’s account.

The popular social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will be required to give the option for users to get messages from a specific account by first asking for their approval. If not given that account will be blocked thus the user will not be receiving any messages from that account.

But being anonymous on the internet is not banned entirely as it would be unfair and not to mention dangerous for victims of domestic abuse, people who are discovering their sexuality and activists who live in dictatorial countries who don’t give that much freedom to their people.

Both of these have mixed reactions and ours is mixed too. Actions against trolls will be a good thing as less and less people will become the victims of online hate and cyberbullying. But this could become a violation of free speech rights for many people while being anonymous on the internet helps many be safe.

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