Twitter Has Generated A Total of USD $530,000 In Revenue Ever Since The Introduction of Super Follows Back In September

Since Twitter’s introduction of Super Follows back in September 2021, the app has reached over USD $530,000 in revenue generated, reports Appfigures.

When we’re talking about a platform as large as Twitter, with hundreds of millions of daily active followers, partaking in a marketplace that’s populated by the likes of Facebook and Instagram, generating USD $530,000 doesn’t really seem like all that much. Even if we were to recall that these are entirely due to in-app purchases and speak nothing of the massive ad revenue generated by Twitter, the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp are probably doing much better off. However, there are a couple of things that should be taken into account when drawing such comparisons: first off is the fact that unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feature a much, much more robust selection of in-app purchases. Users can set up entire marketplaces, brands can hock their own material, and influencers can even sell branded content. This, combined with the fact that tipping users is an option available across both platforms leads to a lot of potential revenue being generated. Twitter doesn’t have any proper user-run marketplaces set up, and online vendors on the platform aren’t really a thing. Brands and influencers draw in a lot of revenue, but that’s all owing to advertisements and content engagement from users. Moreover, the one reliable form of in-app purchases on the platform is something that wasn’t even around until approximately five months ago: Super Follows, the Twitter user base’s tips, has really changed the game and given Twitter a lot of revenue to work off of.

Yet another factor to consider is the fact that this revenue stream is being calculated after removing the percentage cut that the App Store and Google Play keep for each in-app purchase, which at around twenty percent the earnings, is a rather grand sum of money being thrown away. The platform’s Monthly Recurring Revenue currently stands at over USD $190,000, which means that Twitter’s clearly not doing very badly for itself. At a total of USD $530,000, however, it seems that Twitter’s maybe safer off exploring other avenues of generating revenue as well. Either way, with total revenue increasing by a mile with each passing month means that, like it or not, Super Follows is clearly doing something right.

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