To complete the setup of the future editions of Windows 11 Pro on their devices, users need a Wi-Fi connection and a Microsoft login

In the absence of a Microsoft Account, users will not be capable of completing the setup procedure for Window 11 Pro.

Starting up a fresh PC running On Windows 11 Pro will become even more difficult shortly because users will need to register a Microsoft account if they don't own any.

After its very 1st significant update of Windows, Microsoft is currently experimenting with a handful of innovative experiments, UI improvements, plus revamped applications in the newest Windows Insider trial of Dev channel customers, according to a blog post.

Although additional innovations and upgrades including a big upgrade of the Taskbar as well as the capability to shift stuff onto the Task Manager (like in Window 10) would certainly be liked, asking users to check into their existing Microsoft profile before startup may be problematic among some.

Windows 11 Pro may henceforth demand internet access and the user login to their Microsoft account on their very first installation of fresh company & business' notebooks, as per the description regarding the Insider Preview of Window 11 Version 22557.

Until now, If the user's system wasn't linked to the network at the time of installation, they could still create a local user profile. However, Windows Pro & Home both would demand users to be online & log in to set up their gadgets in the future.
Logging in is frequently required to enjoy services such as play store, cloud-based- based storage, inter sharing and synchronization, & many similar ones, however, Windows 11 may shortly become the first largest system that includes profile signup even for the simplest operations.

Taking an example of Apple's macOS already enables the generation of a personal account upon setup, even Chrome provides users a guests’ option that enables users to link to the web without creating a profile. When setting up iPhones & iPads, users can bypass the login process (although they need Wi-fi connectivity rarely to activate gadgets). Android also demands an Online login for setup, but users don't have to check in to access the homepage.

Whereas the majority of the users might not find this modification inconvenient, designers whose task is to routinely implement various Windows installs for experimentation as well as the ones attempting to set up a separate system in an area in absence of internet access would be impacted. However, the firm has yet to announce whether users of Windows 11 will be expected to submit a login during startup.

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