Windows 11 Just Got Its First Update, Here’s What it Contains

Microsoft’s launch of the latest version of Windows, namely Windows 11, has gone over relatively smoothly with all things having been considered and taken into account. The tech giant is now releasing the first major update for the operating system so far, and it is bringing quite a few changes many of which would help improve functionality in a wide range of ways and it would likely improve the user experience for quite a few individuals that have upgraded their system to this OS already.

One of the biggest changes that is coming is compatibility with the Amazon App Store. This would allow users to download Android apps from this store, and while it is not quite as effective as being able to use Google Play Store, it is still a sign that the worlds of smartphones and personal computers are not going to remain all that distinct anymore. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the changes to the taskbar might be even more significant.

Many of the changes coming to the taskbar are going to make it more compatible with Microsoft Teams. This includes a handy screen sharing feature as well as a mute button for Teams calls and the like. Microsoft is clearly trying to leverage its relevance as an OS provider in order to give its Teams service a boost, and with enterprise applications becoming increasingly popular it’s easy to see how this could be something that could prove beneficial both to them as well as to their loyal users.

The Notepad app is also getting a big upgrade with multiple undo steps finally being incorporated after years of just being able to undo a single action. It’s also getting a dark mode which most people are probably going to enjoy quite a bit, and what’s more is that the app is getting an updated search interface. These new features are successfully modernizing Windows and helping it maintain its status as the foremost operating system that is currently available all around the world.

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