TikTok is cleaning its platform from hateful content for the well being of users

As we all know the fact that social media has a very bright side when it comes to connecting users around the globe, however; there are some negative impacts to it too. In today’s era many creators are using the social media platform, while a small portion abuse the medium and as a result their followers follow some trends unconsciously.

In the previous days the Chinese version of video uploading app“TikTok” came under fire for publishing hateful ideologies, unhealthy, and misgendering video content. However TikTok management was not taking any serious action against them. YouTube was also in the hot water for these offenses.

However, in the starting days of January YouTube changed their community guidelines and it was now TikTok’s turn to take some strong measures.

For the prevention of such type of content on social media platforms, TikTok has announced in a blog post that they are changing their community guidelines for the well being of their users.

"Over 91 million violative videos were removed during Q3 2021, which is around 1% of all videos uploaded (on TikTok). Of those videos, 95.1% were removed before a user reported it, 88.8% before the video received any views, and 93.9% within 24 hours of being posted. We continue to expand our system that detects and removes certain categories of violations at upload – including adult nudity and sexual activities, minor safety, and illegal activities and regulated goods. As a result, the volume of automated removals has increased, which improves the overall safety of our platform and enables our team to focus more time on reviewing contextual or nuanced content, such as hate speech, bullying and harassment, and misinformation."

The social media company TikTok announced that they are removing the hateful and dangerous content from the app. The application stated that one percent of all its video content on the platform falls in that category; however, they will still scrutinize all content on its platform to stay on the safe side.

The company spokesman said that they are making changes with the consultation of researchers, physicians and eating disorder experts.

They are going to take strict actions against hateful ideologies, explicitly banning dead naming, misgendering and content promoting conversion therapy and misogyny.

In addition to this, TikTok management says that they will create videos to promote awareness with creators to help viewers’ gain access to content which they come across. These video will appear in the #SaferTogether on discover page.

It is good to note that TikTok is taking steps towards the betterment of its users and taking the necessary steps required.

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