Report Reveals TikTok's Top Brand Advertisers And Their Engagement Trends Across 2021

You would be hard pressed to find a social media platform that has managed to make as much of a mark as TikTok, and looking into the advertisers that have found the most success on this platform can be quite fruitful. After all, you can’t reasonably expect to improve the performance of your ads if your own content is the only thing that you end up looking at. Quite on the contrary, it can be quite useful to check out the people that you are competing against as well.

A research conducted by ListenFirst has revealed some of the best brands that are finding a following on TikTok. These top advertisers have seen pretty consistent growth rates in terms of their overall follower count over the course of 2021, and that indicates that whatever they are doing is working from the point of view of their consumers. Each brand received an average increase of 5% in their follower counts, although some definitely managed to perform a lot better than others found themselves to be capable of.

July is a standout month for the year of 2021 because this is the month where a wide range of brands increased their TikTok following by leaps and bounds. This included brands like Adidas and Taco Bell. These brands managed to get over 5.6 million new followers relative to their new fans in July alone, something that indicates that they managed to get their brand strategy right during that month. However, the subsequent months of the year saw Netflix more or less dominating.

Netflix’s success in the latter months of 2021 was brought about by its smash hit called Squid Game. This Korean TV show ended up becoming highly popular throughout the world, and fans tended to express their love for the show through TikTok above all else. Netflix got around 50% of the new fans that came in the month of October, something that reveals the high brand value that this streaming platform has managed to acquire. No other streaming platform got as many new TikTok fans as Netflix which indicates that other streaming platforms might potentially be struggling to find a similar kind of audience.

While Netflix is most definitely the biggest grower on TikTok in 2021 among brands, other brands performed well too. Adidas gained over 650,000 new fans once it started using TikTok as part of its overall branding strategy, and Taco Bell saw a 169% increase in their new fans growth in July too by adding 118,000 of them in the month of July alone. Both these brands benefited from starting to take TikTok seriously, and chances are that other brands will be following suit in due course as well.

Discovery is another brand that managed to see impressive growth, with only Netflix managing to surpass it in that metric. The brand got 2.1 million new followers in 2021, and almost half of them, or 900,000 to be precise, came in July. The channel’s SharkWeek content received 84 million views and 7 million interactions which shows how valuable TikTok can be when you are trying to promote a specific piece of content that you feel is important to you. Both Discovery and Netflix increased their brand awareness through the use of TikTok.
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