Here Are the Major Color Trends According to Shutterstock

Creating a visually appealing message is crucial if you want to find success in the age of social media. Most people find that their social feeds are far too cluttered to allow them to comprehend each and every post that they set their eyes on, so you need to ensure that you are using the most visually striking features that you have in your possession and choosing the right colors can be a rather essential part of that if you take this into consideration.

The rise of TikTok has cemented the dominance of video based content in particular, and using eye catching colors can be a great way for you to make your videos stand out among the crowd. A new report released by Shutterstock highlights major color trends that you can follow. These trends can help you to better understand which colors would end up working best for you because they are based on the kinds of preferences that people have started to develop in this regard.

Serenity appears to be a major trend based on the massive amounts of data that the Shutterstock team combed through in order to come up with this report. Colors like calming coral are particularly effective because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up bringing a very relaxing sensation to the people that are currently witnessing it. It’s a relatively muted pastel color that works well with a lot of other shades, and its versatility coupled with its relaxing qualities are what make it so useful for content creators these days.

There are also several examples of various kinds of purple shades becoming more prominent over the past year or so. Violet is especially popular possibly due to the reason that it has royal associations with it and what’s more is that it is seen as a pretty bold color that exudes a massive amount of charisma. It allows you to make flamboyant content without seeming like you are being the least bit excessive, thereby enabling you to strike a bit of a balance when you are choosing the perfect colors for your content.

Pink has been a color that many people have preferred for several years now, and 2022 is probably not going to be all that different. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the shade of pink that people are interested in these days is quite different from the hot pink that was popular in years gone by. This year, it seems that Pacific Pink is the shade of choice because it is less abrasive, more subtle and also quite nostalgic which is a very powerful kind of emotion that you would want your content to exude.

All of these colors are great, but they need to be paired with amazing hues as well. Emerald green is the shade of choice for that specific color range. It pairs beautifully with all of the colors we have mentioned above and has the potential to create a really amazing look for the content that you have been working so hard on. Adding this color to the mix can do a lot to make your content look more professional.

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