Searching web with Emojis now made possible by the Opera Browser

Have you ever wanted to just ditch typing and search with only emoji? That sounds like a dream right but that dream has now come true because Opera has now added this feature into their web browser.

Opera is a web browser that was released in April 1995. The browser has a decent user interface which distinguishes it from other browsers. This browser also occupies less space and is easier to use than other browsers. It is very popular with Gamers as it centers the game itself rather than the browser and allows complete personalization of its appearance and features.

The browser is partnering with Yat to create web addresses that can be searched using emojis. These links can be used without words or even .coms which are a necessity when it comes to web addresses. This will be more fun and easier for people stated Jørgen Arnesen who is Opera’s EVP for mobile.

To use this feature, you just need to type a string of emojis into the URL bar and the browser will bring up the associated website supposing that the website is registered and recognized. This feature will greatly help people who are in a hurry.

This feature was created with the help of Yat which is a Tennessee-based emoji web addresses provider. Through this anybody can own a custom made emoji web address for a price. A few celebrities already have them such as🦇🌹which belongs to rapper G-Eazy. The only limitation was that "” was a necessity which needed to be added before the web address but now working with the browser the company also solved this problem by integrating this feature of directly reading emojis into the browser rather than using Yat before the address for the convenience of the users.

This feature is a feature that is definitely going to be something of the future. This feature will help people be quicker in their searches. As for the part where it's going to take off or not is up for debate but our prediction is that it will take off because remembering a few emojis is arguably easier then memorizing long URLs. This feature has great potential that can be something great because you can pull up a website with a string of unconnected emoticons while there are more than 3600 emojis in the digital world.

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