Tech Giant Meta is facing another lawsuit over its already abandoned Facebook feature with the Texas government

The tech giant Meta, Facebook's parent company, often comes to legal and controversial crises. Whenever we talk about data collection and privacy disasters, the first name that appears in the mind is Facebook. Tech giant is facing many lawsuits against the illegal use of the privacy issues of its users.

This time, the tech giant comes under fire for an old policy. Although the company has already shut down its face recognition system last year over their user's growing concerns. Facebook released a statement over the shutdown process, in which they said they are closing their facial recognition process but they firmly believe this process can be helpful in many ways. However, their users weren’t happy so the tech firm decided to take it down..

Unfortunately, the bad luck continues for the Meta. Though they thought that the closure process would be enough, dust from the storm has not completely vanished yet.

Recently, one of the U.S, State Texas, sued Meta over their face recognition procedure. On the very first day of the ongoing week, the Texas attorney, Ken Paxton alleged Meta and filed a lawsuit against them, over the fact that they have collected the biometric data of millions of users without their permission. The social media platform previously used this feature as part of the tag suggestion in photos as the feature will automatically scan and tag the photos.

This is not the first time the tech giant is facing the lawsuit due to its face recognition feature, last year the company paid $650 million to Illinois state over the violation of rules and regulations of the state people privacy through the face recognition policy.

According to WSJ, just after the result of the Illinois lawsuit came, Texas sent a legal notice to Meta. Now the question is this, what does the Texas law say about this? According to the law regarding the capture or use of the “Biometric identifier” the Meta company is bound to pay 25K dollars per violation and according to the Attorney General of Texas, in total 20 million people used Facebook within the state in 2021.

Further said by the Attorney General of Texas, the tech company will not be able to take any benefit from the personal data of the users on the cost of their personal safety and they will fight for the privacy of people.

The Meta spokesman said that these all are false allegations against them and they are going to defend themselves in court.

Looks like that many tech companies are familiar with the word “lawsuit” because in Texas alone, Meta is not only the company who is battling with the law practitioners, Google is also facing a lawsuit within the state on their company ad policies.

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