Now you can react on Instagram stories just like Facebook

Meta's photo-sharing app Instagram has introduced yet again another way for the users to interact with Instagram stories more simply and easily, by enabling its users to react to a story in the news feed. The new feature will inform the creator about the interaction without starting up a direct message chat. The reactions on the story will be only visible to the creator in their insights, visible on their story as a small heart alongside the reactor’s name.

And as mentioned before, your inbox won’t get flooded with DMs about the people who liked your story. This is a relief since it gets a bit annoying when you keep on getting DMs about people liking your story. This adds up a simpler touch that helps you direct your interests, without sending alerts now and then.

It might enhance the engagement on Insta-stories, whereas if an additional react feature is added which could help rating stories and spotlight them. However, Instagram has not responded much to the issue as of now. You can expect that with another perception, Instagram could be looking at how to optimize such user experiences, by introducing them to features they like the most.

This can be a great technique to learn about more user responses while providing a simpler feedback method. Feedback is always helpful in forging a better mechanism and removing DM alerts just seems like the right step.

The feature always shapes Insta-stories into TikTok-styled videos, which depend on the user’s interest. Since Instagram already possesses familiar features in its reels, now users will be able to enjoy and interact more through Instagram stories in a much easier and simpler method.

Technically, it might sound like a small upgrade, but it has landed a huge impact on its users. The update is also planning on introducing more animation to the reacts, just like its big brother Facebook has. As of now, it will be quite exciting to see how the traffic on the photo-sharing app will react to the new feature since it will be available from today onwards.

Social Media companies might be able to differentiate themselves from one another but are very similar at being the first to introduce better user engagement and experience.

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