New Exposé Reveals How Members of the Elite Class Hide Their Pasts Online

Everyone has done something or the other that they are not all that proud of, but the thing about the rise of social media that has created a lot of change in this respect is that it has made it so that these regrettable things end up becoming part of the public record. Now, for most people this is not all that big of a deal unless they have done something illegal or amoral and it becomes widely known, but things are different for the more powerful people in the world.

For the individuals that we have just mentioned, any record of their past misdeeds could be a career ender. Hence, it makes a lot of sense that they would be willing to pay a pretty significant amount of money in order to make it so that any and all traces of these actions were removed from the internet. You might think that it is more or less impossible to delete something that has been posted to the internet, but the truth is that the elite manage to do so anyway.

A company by the name of Eliminalia was recently exposed for providing such a service for various clients. Some of their clients include people like Dominican ministers, cryptocurrency scam artists as well as a wide range of individuals that were accused of corruption. This service essentially allows these people to get very powerful roles in society without necessarily being competent enough for them. Being able to hide your shady past is not something that most people would want their politicians to be able to do.

This company tries to use privacy laws enacted in Europe to try to get content taken down, and that has allowed them to target 17,000 different sites in the 4 years that passed between 2015 and 2019. That is over 4,000 sites a year, and much of this has involved targeting articles that are critical of such folk. Also, the people who were exposed as having availed this service are likely only the tip of the iceberg and there is a strong possibility that there are a lot more where they came from.

What’s more is that the company is refusing to acknowledge that it has any kind of contract with the people that it has worked for. This is just the latest of several different controversies that have revealed just how the elites of the world tend to operate. Chances are that there is more under the surface and it will be a good long while before anyone can say that they have a full understanding of what is actually going on.


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