eSports could become a part of the school curriculum, and parents are happy about it

For many years, eSports (electronic or digital sports) were not considered a good career choice; instead, other courses were always preferred over this. However, it seems like now this trend is getting all the recognition it needs.

A study was carried out by the well-known technology firm, Dell, in the United Kingdom. The results showed that almost forty-eight percent of parents agree with making eSports a part of the syllabus for educational institutes. Sixty-nine percent believe that this will benefit their children by developing skills that they will not be able to achieve through traditional means of education.

Not only the parents, but even the teachers came out in support of eSports. While fifteen hundred parents were asked to participate in the poll, Dell asked five hundred head teachers and the heads of departments as well. The final result was seventy-nine percent in favor of this.

However, when it comes to pursuing a career in eSports, only 30% of those polled expressed interest. A misconception that was made when eSports was being added as a course was that students would have to spend hours in front of a screen to develop gaming skills, but in reality, the course outline is well drawn by the eSports Association of the UK. It includes event management, planning business, and marketing on social media platforms.

This is why even if a graduate decides not to go forward with eSports, they can still find their way into many careers. Another concern was the affordability of a gaming setup to learn about eSports. This concern was well cleared up by Camellia Maurice, an eSports teacher at Mid Kent College. According to Camellia, the setup is affordable as most of the high-priced technology required is provided by the college itself. All they need is to have a personal laptop or other device to be able to stay connected.

One important issue that is also being covered in this course is treating everyone equally without any gender discrimination. Typically, a female gamer is targeted with negative comments and behavior, which Gary Tibet, an educational manager for the association, says is not tolerated in this course. This is an important step in creating a healthy relationship with online conditions and helps in positive character development.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global lockdown brought parents and eSports closer together as they started to get familiar with it. Not all graduates will be pursuing eSports to become professional gamers, but at the same time, they can use the skills they learned in this course to become journalists or product managers, with many other options still open.

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