No Need To Replace iPhone, Apple Announces Face ID Repairing Issue

To maintain customer relief services, Apple will shortly fix the face ID repair issue.

Face ID is a special feature launched by Apple in 2017 on iPhone X. It recognizes iPhone owner's facial features by dot projector technology and matches it with pre-existing recorded data. This unique feature allows users to unlock their iPhones. Payments or transactions can also be achieved with Apple pay.

Soon after the launch of the facial recognition feature customers experienced several problems and it’s still a headache for many customers but now Apple is going to resolve all issues related to the true depth camera module. Customers will be able to avail True depth camera repairing facility at apple outlets and authorized stores. Later, this hardware-level issue was irreparable and cost customers an arm and a leg, due to the unavailability of fixing this issue led to a situation where reinstating a whole new iPhone became the ultimate alternative.

Apple outlets and repairing stores will be supplied by a whole tool kit for service of true depth cameras as replacements of modules will be better than substituting a whole new product. This service for clients will not only resolve Face ID issues but also assist in front camera problems.

Moreover, this maneuver of resolving fault issues rather than substituting it with a whole new product will be more eco-friendly as it is going to lessen the high amount of carbon footprints generated by apple products. It will be a great initiative to minimize and control the excessive amount of waste produced by such products.

This step by the renowned brand is taken after customers’ bashing, complaints, and criticism which is now soon going to win customers’ hearts as by this facility they will not have to agonize for the loss of their valuable data, migration of account problem and further costs issues.


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