Clubhouse is adding a texting feature for people who don’t prefer calls

Clubhouse is an audio app featuring voice rooms with larger capacity to cater more audiences. Usually, it is limited to audio calls and does not have texting features but the app is now adding texting service as the majority of the people belong to the category who prefer texts over calls or feel shy to communicate through audio means.

On Thursday, Clubhouse announced that it is introducing texting capability to its voice rooms. With texting ability, Clubhouse will become similar to Zoom where people can express their thoughts in a text box if they don’t wish to switch on their mic. It may look like it is an unnecessary move to add a text box in an audio app but users have been requesting it for a long time. It might be the only option for some people to take part in a conversation where famous speakers are there or celebrities are going to speak.

However, the texting option can be a mild headache especially the people who have used Twitch will easily agree to it. Clubhouse has provided a few guidelines for authors to follow in order to protect their rooms from exploding. Although, creators have to opt for a moderator to keep an eye on who is entering the room or if there’s anybody unknown then the moderator will remove those people out from the room. Even if someone breaks the terms of Clubhouse, moderator or owner of the chat room can report it to Clubhouse directly.

This feature is handy for those who want to communicate through audio only. In this case, the in-chat text option needs to be disable before starting the conversation. When screen recording the conversation, all the texts will be recorded too.

Clubhouse was previously an audio app only but now following the requests of Clubhouse users, the platform is adding new features slowly and steadily. In this way, the platform is becoming similar to other tech platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Clubhouse, which was previously exclusively accessible as a mobile app, has added the ability to listen to discussions on desktop computers. Backchannel allows users to communicate direct messages to one another. Now the competition is rising and Clubhouse has to become more inventive to be able to stand with other competitive apps. It is important for Clubhouse to work on the already existing features rather than just adding new features.

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